Winter Solstice New Moon 2014




 “The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time.”
Terry Tempest Williams


In grand celebration of today’s Return of the Light following the longest night of the year (in the northern hemisphere signaling the beginning of winter with its lengthening days) and the Sun’s serendipitous crossing of the threshold in the company of a New Moon (doubly echoing the birth of a new cycle, a new vision, a more Light-infused way of being) I offer a poem.  Penned in August ‘87 on the occasion of the Harmonic Convergence, its passionate exultation perfectly conveys our moment of now. The poem says it all…

Eve of the Great Age

Such a gift! being human at this moment,
our cells holding memories of all we have been,
rounding another spiral of unfoldment
to embody this Light that flows from within.

Universe, thank you! for ripping open our hearts
with your thumbnail,
for spilling the fear blindly hoarded,
for blowing in breath and the hunger for Love.

Keep swirling us, whirling us with your lessons
till your mere whisper rocks mountains in us.
Seed our paths with co-conspirators –myriad others
you’ve stung with your match to the heart.
Kindle in our circles a sense of mission
and shared vision bigger than anything that singly
we’ve dared to conceive.

Free our ears to hear the promise of voices long silent,
and widen our eyes to peer into worlds that are living
and linked, where willows & whippoorwills & the realms
of invisibles are our sisters & brothers.

Let us lose in forgetfulness the veil of I-ness & my-ness,
celebrating in others the colors of rainbow,
seeing in them our own light & our shadow,
drinking deeply of the well of belonging.

Drum our days into dizzying dance of community
& solitude, compassion & mastery, labor & laughter.
Bugle our backs to stand up for justice
and our voices to sing! for the joy of it.

Plant our feet so firmly on Earth that the taste
of her clay chocolates our tongues, and the stream
of her sap in our veins echoes thunder of ocean,
torrent of river, rush of mist into ether.

And beckon each of us –and every last one of us–
to creep all the way out to the edge of our being
and find our way back fingers singed
on our own unique gift
pouring forth all that we are,
accepting your invitation… to co-creation!

                                  ©1987 Lisa Alfaro Dollar

Joyful blessings on our shared journey!


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